Cinemagraph Shoot 2018

Desmond & Feith

“We’ve always wanted to have some photographs together with our pet bunny, Donut. While searching for photographers, we came across Cepheus and both of us were very interested in the cinemagraphs. We wanted a few cinemagraphs of Donut and after looking at a few of Cepheus’ works, we decided to give it a shot!

We took up a 1 hour photography package that came with makeup and hairstyling. Oh, and I loved the hair and makeup Madeline did for me! The hairstyle received alot of compliments from my family and friends.

It was our first photoshoot together and including Donut in it was very very memorable for us. Desmond and I were nervous and awkward at the beginning of the shoot but Cepheus managed to ease our nervousness and the whole shoot turned out to be one with lots of laughter! During the shoot Cepheus gave lots of ideas for us to pose with Donut and Madeline even took care of Donut very well while we had some couple shots taken.

Cepheus and Madeline are pet owners themselves, hence it feels super reassuring to have them shoot for us and Donut. They are very professional, punctual, prompt in message replies, helpful and easy-going!

When we received the photos, we had a hard time choosing our favourites as we love ALL of them. We were delighted to know that Cepheus returned us way more photos than what was stated on the package, when he didn’t have to. They went above and beyond of what’s required of them and for that, we can’t thank them enough.

It was a super fun and memorable experience and if anyone is looking to have a casual shoot with their fur babies, Cepheus is highly recommended! Both Desmond and I feel that it is very meaningful to have a shoot with Donut so that we have photos to look back on in future. :)

Thank you Cepheus and Madeline for being a part of our amazing experience!”


Korea Pre-wedding 2018

Oliver & Minyi

“Doing an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot was not something we were exactly very prepared for! We were planning to head to Korea for our next holiday and when the opportunity arose to do a PWS there, we contacted Cepheus and got the ball rolling.

Pre-trip: Cepheus and Madeline took time to meet us and understand what some of our ideas were and discussions even got down to the details of understanding what suit color and what dress colors we had both selected. The planning was really easy and we were able to plan everything very smoothly!

Actual trip: During the trip, both Cepheus and Madeline did so much to help us feel at ease. Especially how awkward we were with photos and poses. Despite the challenging cold weather, Cepheus and Madeline did not once complain about things and did so much to ensure we could stay warm in between shoots. It was through all the shots and the review of the photos at the end of the day that we could really appreciate the art and vision Cepheus had with the photos. The angles, poses, composition, all these were little things which made a shoot that was done in public, felt like we were in a studio. We are truly amazed at how our photos turned out!

Special thanks to Madeline for waking up at ungodly hours to help my fiancée with her hair. This is really something that we both appreciate and really want to thank her for. Both of them are what made this pre-wedding shoot so much easier and enjoyable.

If you want a shoot that is professional as well as comfortable, there is really no doubt, that Cepheus and Madeline is the way to go!

Thank you guys!”


Japan Pre & AD Wedding - 13 Jan 2018

 Taka & Estee

"Cepheus is a very friendly and patient photographer with a good and credible photographic sense. We had our photos taken by Cepheus during our trip to Kyoto and at our wedding reception held in Singapore. The shots that he took for us turned out to be natural, impactful and lovely. We are very pleased with the results and grateful that he has captured our most wonderful and important moments that we can look back on. The photos and thumb-drive were lovingly encased in a wooden gift box and Cepheus even had it airmailed to us in Japan. We were truly pleasantly surprised at this extra touch. 

With Cepheus’ photography and editing skills, as well as his personalised service, one can be assured that their photos will be in good hands and the customer satisfaction level is guaranteed. 

We highly recommend Cepheus Photography if you are looking for photographers to capture your important and special moments, be it in Singapore or overseas. Thank you Cepheus and Madeline!"


Pre & AD wedding - 21 April 2018

Ivan & Phoebe 

"We love Cepheus' angles and editing skills that not only did we engage him for our pre-wedding shoot, we also engaged him for our actual day. We love how Cepheus is reliable, efficient, responsible and responsive. Most importantly, he captured bright, fresh and glowing images of our big day. Cepheus not only take a lot of up front images, he also took many candid shots of us interacting with guests and especially little children's expressions - priceless!

We cannot emphasise enough that choosing the right photographer for our big day was one of the biggest dilemma and we are very happy to say that Cepheus is so experienced in weddings that he know just exactly what to do to make us look so good. Surprisingly, our shots all turned out quite natural and we enjoyed the experience with Cepheus. Special thanks to Cepheus, you are amazing!"


Pre & AD Wedding - 10 March 2018

Ren Bin & Wynne

"Pre-wedding: We wanted to keep things simple without a fanciful pre-wedding shoot as we thought pre-wed shoot is just a set of photos that we are going to keep in the storeroom. After some thoughts and research, we were convinced that a good photographer like Cepheus would be able to create wonderful memories for us. Honestly we got a bit awkward smiling and posing infront of the cameras, but Cepheus and Madeline kept us relaxed and comfortable throughout the photoshoot. 

We never regretted approaching Cepheus, really. He changed our opinion about pre-wedding shoot. During the shoot he asked us questions to reflect about our relationship - the fun and happy moments that only we shared as a couple. So this is what pre-wed shoot is all about! Wedding planning got us busy, and sometimes we fought over little things,  but the photoshoot reminded us of the reasons we were getting married. Thanks Cepheus for creating the memories. It felt like its a mini marriage preparation session too. Haha.

Actual Day: We decided to have Cepheus for our actual day after the wonderful pre-wed experience. Cepheus came early to familiarise himself with the place and adjust his equipment. 5 stars for his dedication and professionalism! 

Throughout AD we were rest assured Cepheus would capture nice photographs for us as he advised us the angles and positions. Unfortunately it started raining heavily when we wanted to head out for a garden shoot. Despite staying indoor, Cepheus was able to produce good quality photos of ourselves and our bridal party.

We had many activities for AD - tea ceremony, solemnisation, flower girl and page boy march-in, slow dance down the aisle, singing performance by our friends, etc. Every activity was beautifully captured by Cepheus. We especially love the photographs of us gazing into each other's eyes during our march-in and the performances. The photographs showed the love & trust we have for each other. Cepheus also got his wife, Madeline to help us with express edits for the day, and our family and friends could view the highlights almost immediately! While waiting for the actual day photographs to be ready, these express edits were really helpful for us to reminisce the wonderful day."


Cinemagraph Shoot 2017

Shaun & Zoe

"Fascinated by Cepheus' cinemagraphs, we knew we wanted that for our wedding too. It was a joy working with both Cepheus and Madeline! We engaged them for a casual pre-wedding shoot, as well as actual day photography. Not being the most natural in front of cameras, they made it a breeze for us. Thank you for all the photos, the gift box and photo print outs, they will be great mementos for us!"


AD Wedding - 16 July 2017

Ken & Wen Eng

"Our experience with Cepheus Photography was enjoyable. Cepheus is patient and attentive to details. He is adaptable and doesn’t have hidden costs unlike the other photographers. During our pre-wedding photoshoot, it was raining the whole day and we didn’t have a wet weather plan. He went through the trouble to run around Singapore with us to avoid the clouds. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop raining and he suggested an indoor place to take photos instead. Despite shooting in a new location, he still managed to capture the moments that we want beautifully. Cepheus is assisted by his Wife, Madeline, who is a Makeup artist. Her cheerful disposition brightened up the gloomy pre-wedding shoot weather. On top of that, she was very attentive to the bride’s needs (changing gowns, details to veil hair, dress). 

Cepheus’ professionalism is also exemplified during the actual day photoshoot. He discussed in details with us the actual day itinerary and customise the schedule according to our needs. Entrusting photography segment to Cepheus photography was one of our best decision made during our wedding planning journey. It really took a heavy burden off our shoulders. 

His after service was really awesome as well when we were pleasantly surprised with a beautifully decorated box containing a thumb drive of memories. 

We feel thankful to have worked with Cepheus Phtoography and will highly recommend Cepheus Photography for both pre-wed and Actual Day photography!"


AD Wedding - 14 May 2017

AD Wedding - 14 May 2017

Terence & Jessica

"Our actual day photography with Cepheus was a great one! He was professional in all aspects and we were very satisfied with his service. We were really happy when we got back our photos in soft copies in a thumbdrive, which was REALLY handy, as well as hard copies in namecard sizes. The quality of the photos were great and we were really happy about it. Thank you for capturing precious moments of our weddding day!'


Casual Couple Shoot 2017

Kang Shun & Qiu Ping 

"Thank you Cepheus for your professionalism and attentiveness. It was our first time shooting and turned out to be a memorable shoot with lots of laughter for both Kang Shun and myself. We truly enjoyed ourselves during the 2 hours shoot and were happy to receive the pretty photos in less than a month's time. Also, a big thank you to Madeline for helping me with my make up! :)"


NZ Pre-wedding 2017

Yuan Hong & Sharlynn

"Thank you Cepheus and Madeline for making our dream of having an overseas pre-wedding shoot come true!

Pre-trip: Prior to the trip, we met up a few times so that Ceph and Mad could share with us their brief plans for the trip. While we understood that they had not been to New Zealand for a PWS (we were the first couple to shoot with them in NZ!) Ceph had been there a couple of times for holidays and he had concrete plans of how he wanted to shoot us when we were there. We were reassured and since this wasn't our first time shooting with Ceph and Mad we were raving to go! Ceph and Mad also painstakingly crafted an amazing itinerary before we left for NZ so we were informed of where and when we would be at any particular point of time. It was a very smooth process booking the flights and accomodation and settling the car rental as well.

Actual trip: As mentioned this wasn't the first time we had shot with Ceph and Mad so most shoots went really smoothly. Kudos to Mad for waking up especially early on days where Sharlynn had to go through the whole hair + makeup routine! It was an amazing job and I'm so happy that you are now Ceph's full time minion! We had set aside some other days to do some sightseeing and I can safely assure you that travelling with Ceph and Mad is a breeze as they are both very easy-going! If you are on a budget you can also engage the services of minion Mad who will cook for you - just remember to volunteer to wash the dishes!

Post trip: Obviously the photos were amazing and we are very very pleased! Even the photos that we took on our 'off days' were beautiful!

Thank you Ceph and Mad for this wonderful and amazing experience (:"


Proposal Surprise 2016


"I engaged Cepheus to help me do a photoshoot for my proposal to my wife. He was very helpful and even met up with me to recce the place a few days before the fateful proposal day. He gave me many ideas and back up plans on how i should coordinate the timings and logistics.

All the photos he took during that day were very well taken and nicely done up. We were so impressed with the photos that we did not hesitate to engage his services for our actual wedding day. You can see my wife Silvia's review on his services on our wedding day in a separate post. You will definitely not regret engaging him as your photoshoot guy! ^^"


AD Wedding - 8 June 2017

Daniel & Silvia

"I first engaged Cepheus' services for my graduation photo shoot and I knew I had to get him as my wedding photographer too. As he is one of the most committed and thoughtful photographer I have met. 

We met up with him a few months before our wedding to discuss the photography package. As we were totally clueless how to plan our wedding, he gave us advice on how to arrange the actual day schedule. He even asked us in advance if there were certain poses we wanted to capture or if there were any "awkward family matters" that he needed to look out for - like if there were any family members that are awkward with each other. The price he quoted us was totally reasonable too!

During the actual day, he arrived early and paid attention to every single detail. He even took the initiative to work together with the videographer, seeing him as a partner instead of an industry competitor. Most importantly, he made sure both of us were comfortable and enjoying ourselves throughout the day. To him, the best photos are captured when the couple are enjoying themselves with their family and friends.

All in all, I will definitely recommend Cepheus Chan Photography to couples who are looking for good quality photography services for their actual day!!"